Mendota Insurance and the two most important types of insurance.

Insurance can often be a complicated thing. It’s not just a matter of “how much do I need?” it’s just as much about “what type is right?” If these sound like the type of questions you ask yourself, keep reading. We’re going to discuss two important types of insurance just about everyone in the Midwest should have and both of which can be provided to you by Mendota Insurance Company.

Auto Insurance

This one, of course, is a no brainer. Without auto insurance you shouldn’t even be behind the wheel. Technically, you’re breaking the law and you can get a ticket for simply driving without proof of your insurance.

It’s important to understand, too, that getting pulled over for any reason will result in a police officer asking to see proof you have insurance. And furthermore, being a great driver doesn’t mean you don’t need auto insurance. Accidents happen all the time and you can be in one even without being at fault. If you don’t have insurance, however, you can expect to pay a lot.

In the Midwest, top notch auto insurance is important. We get ice, black ice, snow, sleet, hard rains, floods and a lot more. These types of conditions can cause you to run off the road, into other objects, into other cars or simply to get hit by debris. All of these are reasons to be insured.

Mendota Insurance Company can help get you the auto insurance you need. There are a number of difference kinds, which is why it helps to have a professional walk you through the process.

Flood Insurance

Another important type of insurance for those of us who call the Midwest home is flood insurance. Here, too, Mendota Insurance Company can help.

Take a look at Minnesota. The state is known for having 10,000 lakes. While that number isn’t completely accurate it speaks to how many bodies of water we have. Naturally, that means there are a number of residences nearby these lakes. Furthermore, Minnesota is home to a number of rivers which are just as bad, if not far worse.

Some areas are known for flooding. If you live in one of them and haven’t already spoken to Mendota Insurance Company about flood insurance at, you’re risking a lot. Other areas are less known for flooding, but that, of course, could all change overnight. If your home is by a large body of water or a river, flood insurance could provide you with the peace of mind you need.

When it comes to insurance in Minnesota, there’s only one company you need to know about. Mendota Insurance Company has a number of awards to their name for providing top notch service as well as the types of affordable insurance plans people need. Whether you need auto or flood insurance or are simply interested in modifying what you have, give them a call today. The sooner you sit down with them and get your insurance squared away, the better off you’ll be.